Artists Alliance Gallery

Artists Alliance Gallery, Accra, Ghana

Biased Writing, Rare Crowd I, Rare Crowd II, Dumas & Adinkra Patch, Cloth With History, Lace Hollandis Patch, For a Piece of Old Cloth, Unfolding Scroll of History, Behind the Shadow, Old Towel, Clan, Remnants of Grandma’s Cloth, City and Tradition, Coins on Grandma’s Cloth, Cloth Market IV, Mammoth Crowd IV, Undercurrents, Big Black Beast, Assorted Diamonds, Xeta, Relic of Grandma’s Cloth, Security in 1004, On Grandma’s Cloth

Coins on Grandma's Cloth, 1993, Photo courtesy, ProProfs
Artists Alliance Gallery, Accra, Ghana