The Stuff of Life | The Life of Stuff

Group Exhibitions at Sainsbury Centre, Norwich
10 September 2023 - 14 January 2024
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Sharing in-depth and dynamic stories of salvaged materials, resynthesised fragments, and e-waste

Sainsbury Centre, Norwich has launched the first season of a “Big Questions” programme of interconnected exhibitions, interventions, collection displays, an artist residency, museum-late, artist-led workshops, and special projects, taking place across the whole art landscape and out into neighbouring communities.

This first season, themed “Planet for our Future: How do we adapt to a Transforming World?”, features an international exhibition titled The Stuff of Life | The Life of Stuff. At the exhibition you can view works by Madi Acharya-Baskerville, El Anatsui, Mandy Barker, Karla Black, Ayan Farah, Daiga Grantina, Romuald Hazoumè, Diana Lelonek, Ibrahim Mahama, Mary Mattingly, Fabrice Monteiro, Marlie Mul, Samara Scott, Tejal Shah, Elias Sime, Michael E. Smith, Sarah Sze, Gavin Turk and Maarten Vanden Eynde and is curated by Vanessa Tothill, Curator at the Sainsbury Centre.

El Anatsui’s Freedom, 2021  can be found in the section entitled “The Politics of Reclamation.”

Installation view, The Stuff of Life - The Life of Stuff, 2023, Sainsbury Art Centre
El Anatsui-Freedom, 2021, On view at The Stuff of Life - The Life of Stuff, 2023, Sainsbury Art Centre, Photo courtesy, Talking Beautiful Stuff
Sainsbury Centre, Norwich