El Anatsui at Art Basel Miami Beach, 2022

Published on 1st December 2022 in Exhibition

As Art Basel Miami Beach celebrates its 20th anniversary with its biggest show to date, the touch of El Anatsui can be felt prominently in at least three different booths around the convention center. In booth C7 Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art shows off “Untitled, 2020”, one of El’s renowned metal wall tapestries, first exhibited at El Anatsui – Carte Blanche a la Conciergerie in 2021. In booth C8, as represented by Mnuchin Gallery, “TKT, 2014” undulates in the unique fashion of El’s fabric-like pieces that pundits and laypeople alike have come to know and love. Finally, not to be left out, Goodman Gallery occupies booth C14 exhibiting, among its other entries, one of El’s latest wood panel works, “National Identity Card, 2021”.

National Identity Card, 2021, Booth C14 at Art Basel Miami Beach, 2022, Photo courtesy, Goodman Gallery

Untitled, 2020, Booth C7 at Art Basel Miami Beach, 2022, Photo courtesy, Edward Tyler Nahem